Adjusting Your Financial Plan When College Tuition Rates Reset

A prepaid tuition plan is treated the same way as a college savings plan. Each year the investment company managing your portfolio retains a certain percentage of your account's value as a fee for managing and administering money in the plan. Some plans also include an initial new account fee and a flat annual maintenance charge.

The solution is a form of education that trains us in that which is most relevant to us—how to find lasting happiness in life. If Pakistan is to rally around the need to address water scarcity, it needs a new narrative. Water needs to be reframed, most importantly, as a citizen’s basic right, but also as a political priority, central to our prosperity. We need more water experts on talk shows, public-awareness campaigns, and a major focus on water conservation in our school and university curriculums.

The assets in your account gain or lose value according to the performance of the portfolio's funds. The plans were originally sold as a way to guarantee that your investment would keep pace with the rise in tuition costs. Tuition credits must generally be used by the time your child reaches age 30. You must also notify the plan when you expect to begin making withdrawals within the time frame stated in your contract. A college savings plan is considered a parental asset and assessed at 5.6% per year.

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The term student-athlete was coined in 1964 by Walter Byers, the first-ever executive director of the NCAA, to counter attempts to require universities to pay workers' compensation. Among many other sports, the most-watched competitions are in college football and college basketball, though there are competitions in all the other sports. Those include baseball, softball, ice hockey, soccer, rugby union, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey, cricket, handball, swimming and diving, track and field, golf, tennis, table tennis, rowing, and many others depending on the university.

Also referred to as degree mills or bogus institutions, diploma mills thrive on loopholes. They are also difficult to identify in part because definitions of diploma mills are inconsistent. In a world of legitimate online learning and for-profit operators of varying degrees of quality and legitimacy, defining what is and what isn’t a diploma mill can be oddly difficult.

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